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Useful Advice & Resources for Job Seekers

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Job searching is a full-time job.

At times, it's frustrating and stressful when you feel like you're not making progress after the nth application. However, being unemployed myself I've learned to get a bit more creative with my efforts in finding the right fit. Below are my tips.

Advice on Creating a Personal Website

Create a personal website, it will help you in your job search. This seems like common sense but I somehow didn’t consider it 4 months ago. When I embarked on the task, it took a lot of patience and learning. It took hours of analyzing what work I wanted to highlight and then choosing the right words.

  • RESEARCH YOUR WEBSITE BUILDER. Whether it’s Squarespace, Strikingly, WordPress, Wix, or others, know what fits your needs and price points. 
  • DON’T LOW BALL, GET THE “.COM”. Spend a bit extra to register your site without the host’s name in the URL. 
  • ABOUT ME. Take extra time to craft your story, it is critical. Also, remember to show a bit of personality. 
  • METRICS MATTER. If you have numbers, show them. How much did you increase sales by? How much did your social media campaign increase traffic to your past employer’s website? If you have numbers, show them. 
  • RECOMMENDATIONS. If you have any recommendations by your coworkers or a business, document them on your website. 
  • CREATE A BLOG AND KEEP IT FRESH. Write a blog and make sure it's professional and keep it well stocked. 
  • CONTACT PAGE. Make sure there is a way for visitors to contact you. Get creative!

Advice on Creating a Video Resume

Create a video resume, it will help you in your job search. When I embarked on the adventure, I had never created a video. Most marketers have their hands in video creation and I knew I wanted to learn that skill. After countless hours and revisions, I finally produced my animated video resume.

  • CHOOSE A SOFTWARE. Depending on your price point, there are a number of options like Moovly, Raw Shorts, GoAnimate, and iClone. Make sure not to have their branding show up in your video. 
  • UNDER 2 MINUTES. Make it short and sweet. Don't spend 5 minutes explaining your entire work history. Highlight your strong projects and skills. 
  • ADD METRICS. After watching my video resume, someone gave me a great pointer: "incorporate numbers data into how your work made an impact." 
  • CALL TO ACTION. Arguably the most important part of your video, you need a CTA. Also, add how people can contact you. 

Advice on Creating a Blog

Create a blog, it will help you in your job search. I can't quite remember when I published my first blog but I do remember feeling nervous about publishing my content. Since then, I've become more comfortable and have published multiple posts. A blog is an important tool for any job seeker because it increases your visibility and demonstrates your expertise.

  • CHOOSE A BLOGGING PLATFORM. By this point, you should have created your own personal website. Host your blog on your website. It will make it easier to find with the rest of your other creative pieces.
  • UNDERSTAND YOUR AUDIENCE. Do some research and know who your audience is. Also important is adding a bit of personality to your writing.
  • KEEP IT FRESH AND CONSISTENT. Keep your blog well stocked. Be consistent and it will help you grow as a writer (I speak from experience).
  • ADD VALUE. Share tips, advice, and resources on your blog posts. Are you an expert in PowerPoint, graphics, SEO, Excel, social media campaigns, project management, event management, etc? Share the wealth.

Advice on Attending Networking Events in December

Attend networking events, it will help you in your job search. A couple of days ago, I read something on the "What people are talking about now" section of LinkedIn. It said that December is a bit of a weird time for job seekers as the holidays slow down the hiring process. As such, the best solution for us is to attend networking events. That means industry networking events and company holiday parties (if a friend invites you otherwise it might just get a tad bit awkward).

  • RESEARCH. Do your homework & research industry-specific events. Reach out to the coordinator so that you know at least one person.
  • BRING BUSINESS CARDS. If you're going to a networking or company holiday party, bring those cards. If you don't have any, Staples and Office Depot.
  • INTRODUCE YOURSELF. Don't just hand business cards out like it's free candy, people will remember you as the uncreative one and immediately bin it.
  • ENGAGE. Step out of your shell and start talking to people. If you reached out to the coordinator, you have a base.
  • FOLLOW UP. Make sure to follow up with people. Don't just send a generic email, add something you talked about.

Lastly, when in doubt, pinky out.

If you want to talk about brand strategy, storytelling, content development, project management, and/or marketing communications, drop me a line.