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#SimpleStorytelling Tips: Brand Strategy

Know whether your story aligns with your brand strategy.

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Stories hold no value to your brand and/or business unless you have a strategy attached to them. If you're a startup in the beginning stages of telling your story, I suggest you put pen to paper before you start creating anything.

In one of the last companies I worked for, they wanted to create something with no idea of how it would fit into the branding. I advised them that it would be a financially costly mistake if they freestyled it without doing their due diligence first.

Knowing how your storytelling project aligns with your brand strategy will make for a smoother campaign.

Storytelling Tips for Brands - Brand Strategy

  • DO: Your research/homework before you start a storytelling project. What is your current brand strategy or how will the story align with it? 
  • DON'T: Just wing it. Watch below for #SimpleStorytelling advice.

Watch below for #SimpleStorytelling tips.

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