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Storytelling Tips from Pixar

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I sat there and cried three times, It was an emotional and overwhelming journey. As I stuffed popcorn into my mouth, I stared in awe at Disney and Pixar's Coco. The film follows the colorful journey of Miguel, who despite his family's ban on music, ventures to break that norm. When it ended, every ounce of me craved more.

Coco reminded me that not too long ago, I took Pixar's The Art of Storytelling course which explores their storytelling process. I enjoyed it and feel their storytelling advice is extremely valuable to all storytellers.

Pixar's Storytelling Advice

  • DRAFTS. It's okay to draft things out as it's progress towards your goal. 
  • INSPIRATION. Identify what inspired you to start your story and always go back to that feeling that drew you there. 
  • PERSISTENCE. Be persistent with your ideas.
  • TRIAL AND ERROR. Storytelling is a lot of trial and error but make sure to focus on how to get your audience to internalize what is being told so that they cheer on the characters. 
  • PROGRESS. If you love storytelling but feel like you're not making progress, look over at your stack of papers because that's progress. 
  • PRACTICE. Keep practicing because"there is no easy way, and in fact, it's really fun if you really enjoy it."

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