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The Marketing of Polite Provisions During Christmas

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It’s incredible. I stood there astonished at what I was seeing. This cocktail bar brilliantly embraced the Christmas decoration spirit. They collaborated with Miracle on 30th Street pop up shop who injected its Christmas ornaments in every crevice of the place.

Welcomed by a fully stocked Christmas tree and the atrium decked with trinkets and traditional decor, I walked up to the bar which had Christmas-themed cocktails like Christmaspolitan, How the Gimlet Stole Christmas, You’ll Shoot Your Rye Out, Jingle Ball Nog, and Snowball Old Fashioned.

Their newly adopted marketing strategy led to news coverage and extensive social media engagement.

I spoke with the bartender and they said this was their first time joining this ​pop up project. It was also the only bar doing it in San Diego and it had done wonders to their sales.

Here’s a tour of Polite Provisions, an already interesting place but made that much more captivating by marketing it with Christmas decor.

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