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    About Me

    ​Passionate about writing & meeting new people

    Born in America's Finest City, I devoured Shakespeare, Bradbury, Vonnegut, Wordsworth, Rowling, and Irving books, among many others. During my studies at Santa Cruz, I did a year abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland where I developed wanderlust.


    For my post-grad, I made my way over to Newcastle, England where I completed a Master's with the eventual goal of becoming a professor. After arriving back in the states, I concentrated on content development and eventually landed work with startups, biotechs, and pharma.


    I'm a bilingual (English and Spanish) digital marketing/communications professional who provides innovative advertising, creative ideas, and unique content to propel companies to success. I'm passionate about writing, brand strategy, storytelling, powerlifting, food, and matcha green tea.


    I'm seeking a full-time opportunity with a company that values digital marketing/communications where I can make a positive impact on engagement and the brand.


    Click here to check out my writing samples from previous employers or check out my blog below for current pieces.

  • Events

    A selection of events I'm speaking at

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    Video Marketing on LinkedIn

    Did you know video content is 50 times more likely to drive organic search results than plain text (Omnicore, 2018)? This third #LinkedInLocal San Diego will concentrate on Video Marketing on LinkedIn and how it can enhance brands and their stories.



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  • Experiences

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    UC San Diego

    Digital Communications Specialists

    Assist in developing and executing digital marketing and communications programs that advance the mission and goals of Alumni Engagement including marketing analytics reports, emails, brochures, posters, surveys, and landing page content.

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    Motionstrand - Full-Service Digital Agency

    Content Marketing Manager

    Lead all content marketing initiatives for pharmaceutical and tourism clients including landing page content, emails, case studies, blog posts, and social media posts. Work with clients or internal departments to develop content that is written in an interesting and appealing manner.

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    aTyr Pharma

    Project Associate

    Performed a website, content, and social media audit to make improvements to the entire brand. Lead a corporate re-branding of a new logo and color palette with Investor Relations and CEO.

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    Communications Specialist

    Managed and coordinated all site communications, establish guidelines and maintain them. Developed internal communications initiatives, worked with global teams, event planning, and worked with executives & HR to better communicate their projects.

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    Pathway Genomics

    Communications Specialist

    Developed marketing materials that effectively described, promoted and enhanced the company and its products which included social media content, ad copy, copyediting, SEO, customer service, and product launch strategy.

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    Copywriter, Social Media, & PR Specialist

    Developed and distributed content for SEO, press releases, articles, social media, PPC, Adwords and Google Analytics. Assisted with vendor management, Sales Reports, and tradeshow logistics.

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    CreativeMob - Digital Marketing and Technology Agency

    Marketing Intern

    Crafted social media content, articles, blogs, and various other content development projects. Developed content for various clients as well as working on SEO.

  • Selected Adventures

    “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

    - Maya Angelou

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    Novartis Community Partnership Day at GNF


    Community Partnership Day (CPD) is a global event across all Novartis sites in which associates go into their local communities and volunteer their time to support social institutions and non-profit organizations.


    In the 18 years, the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation (GNF) has been a part of Novartis, GNF had never hosted a CPD event. All other sites had.



    Utilize project management, advertising, and content development to get at least half of the site to participate.



    • Recruited all non-profits
    • Coordinated activity opportunities with organizations
    • Established a registration site and landing page
    • Created posters & flyers and ordered shirts
    • Manage budget and vendors
    • Develop and organize a post-CPD event in order for employees to share stories
    • The goal of the event was to get at least 50% of the site to participate, I got 53% site participation
    • 99% employee satisfaction with the event
    • Over 30 non-profits contacted and secured 12-15 for the event
    • Common employee feedback:
      • "I now feel like this shared experience has brought some of us closer together. The day will stay with me for a while and makes me grateful for the things I have including good co-workers."
      • "The level of enthusiasm and excitement among our colleagues was awesome - it seems like everyone found this incredibly rewarding."
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    GNF Associate Spotlight


    The GNF Associate Spotlight is a Q & A program that showcases a different associate every week and gives others a glimpse into associates’ lives. It delves into what motivates, inspires, and rejuvenates them outside of work.


    The Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation (GNF) associates were not interacting with each other.



    Developed a project in which I interviewed a new associate from a different department every week and produced a story.



    • Developed and designed a landing page
    • Interviewed a different associate every week
    • Edited profiles and coordinate publication with other departments
    • Created advertising content and survey
    • Sent a follow-up survey to gather feedback and make adjustments
    • 100% participant satisfaction with their profile
    • Most visited intranet site
    • Other sites saw the drastic increase in engagement among employees and wanted me to teach them how to replicate it on their sites
    • Common employee-highlighted feedback
      • "It was great to be featured in the Spotlight because it gave me exposure across the institute and also gave me an opportunity to get to know other people on campus."
      • "People I haven't spoken to asked me about things I said or the pictures that were posted. People I normally speak to laughed and seemed to enjoy my answers maybe gained a little more insight into me."


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    My Science Matters


    My Science Matters was a brand strategy campaign that focused on Pipette.com customers and their stories. It aimed to humanize the brand.



    Pipette.com did not have much brand exposure on past products they sold.



    Develop stories about our customer's work and how Pipette.com’s products have helped.



    • Find customers to highlight
    • Research customers and their work
    • Contact customers and interview them
    • Collect all information and develop a plan
    • Draft stories and communicate with customer
    • Edit and revise stories
    • Publish stories once a month in our newsletter, social media channels, blog, and in a press release
    • ​​​Increased traffic to the landing page and subsequent navigation to the main site 
    • Increased traffic on Twitter and Facebook pages 
    • Humanized the brand with positive results​
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    I Heart Pipette Promotion


    I Heart Pipette promotion was developed with the goal of increasing email sign-ups and generating leads at Neuroscience 2013 for Pipette.com.



    Neuroscience 2012 had only generated 50 email subscriptions.



    Created a design that was compelling and whimsical.



    • Developed and designed a promotional t-shirt
    • Utilized Twitter as a main form of advertisement
    • Engaged with #SfN13 to inform event attendees about our booth and promotion
    • Over 500 email subscriptions
    • Over 100 Sales leads
    • A constant line going down multiple booths
    • Major biotech companies approached our booth and questioned why we had a large line
    • Second most social Twitter handle for Neuroscience Annual Meeting 2013, behind the events' handle
  • Education 

    "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

    - Nelson Mandela

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    Newcastle University


    Modern and Contemporary Studies

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    University of California, Santa Cruz


    English Literature, minor in History

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    The University of Edinburgh


    English Literature, minor in History

  • Skills

    Things I've picked up over the years


    Content Development

    Digital Marketing

    Internal Communications

    Project Management



    Brand Strategy

    Social Media

  • Stats

    With more than ten years’ combined experience in marketing communications, retail, biotech/pharma, and education, I am adept in project management, content development, brand strategy, storytelling, and engagement. Here are a few of my achievements in numbers:

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  • The Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    April 16, 2019 · content marketing,small business blog,blog,brand strategy,storytelling
    April 4, 2019 · linkedin video,video,video marketing,storytelling,content marketing
    March 27, 2019 · storytelling,content marketing,stories,branding,content strategy
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  • Testimonials

    The word around town.

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    Alexei Rimskii

    Laboratory Supervisor at Illumina

    "Motivated, Dedicated, Creative" - the list can go much longer, but these are the first things that come to my mind when I think of Rocio.


    Over the last 2 years at GNF, Rocio was my primary contact for all communications support, and she has done nothing less that excelling at every process that she was involved in, starting with the campus wide communications, and continuing with the internal process developments such as the "employee spotlight" program which allowed for more opportunities to get to know the people who work with you.


    The most impressive part was not the stellar execution, but the positive attitude during the process, Rocio has a natural talent of working with people and lighting up the room with her smile. Anyone who is looking to enhance their communications and marketing programs through adding top shelf talent with solid experience, should consider Rocio, as she has my strong recommendation.

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    Tim Ortiz

    Communications Manager at NIBR

    Rocio is an extremely professional and effective communications professional. I have had the pleasure of working with her for several months now as a member of Novartis, and am impressed by her communications acumen. Her attention to detail and ability to FINISH has been an incredible benefit to the Novartis team. Don't overlook her creativity as she comes up with great ideas and insights into solving challenges.

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    Renee Ghaheri

    Injury Prevention Specialist at Sharp HealthCare

    Rocio is a very knowledgeable and skilled Communications Strategist and working with her has been an absolute pleasure. She has excellent organizational skills and is capable of successfully managing multiple projects at any given time. She was instrumental in the successful launch of the Institute's wellness program, assisting with the development of outward facing resources for both our scientific and administrative personnel.

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