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A Safe Creative Space in the Greater Logan Heights Community in San Diego

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I grew up in a low-income community in San Diego and I’m proud of it. It’s taught me so much about earning my own and persevering past the naysayers. Recently, I stumbled upon this beautiful space tucked in between a restaurant and a parking structure near where I grew up.

What's the Story?

Built in 2015, the 5,000 square foot lot was abandoned for many years and inherited by a Derrick Gilliam who allowed BAME Community Development to build a park and community garden. It will be a community gathering spot until 2020.

The community park serves The Greater Logan Heights community which includes Logan Heights, Sherman Heights, Memorial, Grant Hill and Stockton. The community is mostly a low-income area with over "95% of the estimated 14,347 residents are Mexican-Americans and African Americans."

Impact of a Community

There are free movie nights on Fridays and it's is open from 10 am - 7 pm every day except Monday when it's closed. These kinds of spaces really allow the community to come together. It is a safe space for everyone. If only they would have had it when I was growing up.

What’s your safe space to be creative?

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