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3 Commonalities Between Powerlifting and Marketing

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One of my hidden talents is powerlifting. I don't do it competitively, I do it for fun. I began doing it after being dissatisfied with my progress as a runner. I wanted to get faster so I followed some advice and picked up weights to improve on my mile.

I improved my mile and loved powerlifting so much that it is now my new love. Well, I've been doing it for three years now and I'm still learning quite a bit. Here are some of the things that they have in common.

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3 Things Powerlifting Has Taught Me About Being a Marketer

  1. Practice until you get stronger. Unfortunately, you can't become a stronger powerlifter without putting in the work and the same goes with marketing, you won't become a better marketer if you don't keep practicing social media marketing, brand strategy, content development, etc.
  2. Leverage data. With both powerlifting and marketing, measuring is essential. How else will you know what your weak and strong points are? How will you know whether your work paid off or not? Analyze the numbers and adjust for better results next time.
  3. Try new things. For the longest time, I only did squats, deadlifts, and bench. I didn't pick up free weights or use the machines at the gym. I was too afraid of the unknown. Then I took a leap and am much stronger for it. Same goes for marketing, I was intimidated by video but now having tried it, am a stronger marketer for it.

What have your hobbies taught you?

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