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You're Open, Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help While in Transition

According to LinkedIn, I've been a member since early 2013 which is around the same time I arrived back to the states from the U.K. without a job lined up. Back then, I didn't quite understand how valuable of a tool LinkedIn could be. By the time I was in the same predicament in 2015, I was too proud and too embarrassed to reach out to for help. Today, I am much wiser. Here are a few tips for those in transition and seeking new opportunities.



That means your headline, summary, company, and job descriptions. Make sure that your profile is up-to-date as most HR professionals will do a quick search for it.



If there is someone in your network that either does something closely related to what you previously did or would like explore a similar role, reach out. Ask for advice. Ask them what they would recommend as a next move or a resources you should consider. Yes, there will be people who will ignore your messages or won't have time, however, believe me, there are way more people out there willing to help.



I've helped a couple of people with their job search. Whether it was lending an ear, giving advice, looking though their resume and cover letter, or sending them resources – I help in whatever manner I can. Help people so they can help people so those people can help infinity.



It's easier said than done but always remain positive. I know how draining a job search can be but I believe in keeping your sanity. Besides your job search, find a project to work on, go to the gym, go on a run, read a book – do something that will improve you and keep you occupied. I use powerlifting as a way to help my body and mind.



Network. Don't be afraid to reach out to your LinkedIn connections or LinkedIn as a whole. Whether its to lend an ear, give some advice, or look through a resume, don't be afraid to ask for help. Reach out to me if I can be of any help because in the end, we're a community.