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Seeking New Opportunity Project: Meet Lisa Necaise

The mission of the Seeking New Opportunity Project is to educate, inspire, and empower job seekers.

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Name: Lisa Necaise
Industry: Construction
From: Raleigh, North Carolina

Favorite Book: The Girl Who Would be King by Kelly Thompson
Hobbies: Photography, painting and refurbishing furniture. Also, is binge watching HGTV considered a hobby?
Hidden Talent: I am a multimedia wiz. Thanks to years of video games with my brother, I have never struggled learning new software programs. If there are programs a certain job requires and I don't know it, I have applied anyway. What's great is that usually an employer will train you on the basics.

What does success mean to you?

Success means having value; not monetary value, I mean self-worth. You have value in your skills and abilities, hopefully, they are being put to the test in a position that you love and challenges you.

What is one of your professional goals this year?

I'm new to the Raleigh area so my main goal is to build my professional network and make new connections.

What's something that someone said that motivated you during a career transition?

My fiancé is familiar with my aspirations and dreams. When we made the move to Raleigh from San Diego, I was worried about how soon I would find a position. I had some doubt on what direction to take my search and how to get there. One day, when we were discussing it he said, "If you want it, take it. If you feel like you don't qualify, apply anyway." He was right. Don't be afraid and just go for it. He really helps give me courage.

Looking back at your career transition, what advice would you give yourself?

Get a professional to help write your resume. There are many skills and achievements that may be overlooked when you only depend on your colleagues and yourself. It will give you a major confidence boost when you realize how useful some overlooked skills are.

What's a mistake you made during an interview?

Many years ago, I went into an interview and a prospective employer trailed off topic and before we knew it we were discussing Discovery Channel and Shark documentaries. Little did I know that this was a test of how I stay on task and come back to the main business topic at hand.

I let her lead the conversation and we spoke off topics for way too long (for 20 minutes). I did not get the job. I learned that while small talk is a great way to break the ice and relate, do not remain in small talk, even if they lead the conversation for far too long. Stay on task.

Share a memorable interview story.

On my way to an interview, I wore a modern looking silk blouse. Little did I know that when I got to the employer's office, it ripped and frayed by the bellybutton (sometime between the car ride there). It was noticeable and there was no time to change or way to hide it. I went to the interview and I had my folder with my resume in hand covering the tear as much as possible. I was so uncomfortable and nervous about the way I looked to my potential employer. I did end up getting the job and months later brought up the story to my boss and discovered that she had no idea.

Fill in the blank, in an interview do ___________________ and don’t ___________________.

DO: Ask about benefits once you’re extended an offer.
DON’T: Assume certain benefits are a given.

I made the mistake once of not specifying my benefit needs when I was hired by a small company. I made the assumption when they said they provided benefits that they would meet all needs. They only provided medical and did not have dental or vision. My advice is when the conversation of benefits comes up. Be specific.

What resources would you recommend to job seekers?

Gain extra certifications as it helps build your resume, your confidence, and you learn things you did not even know you simply needed to know. There are many inexpensive certifications out there, it can be a CPR or an OSHA certification. Find what pertains to your industry.

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