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Behind the Scenes of My First Animated Video

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No, I didn't create Monsters Inc. or Up from scratch that credit goes entirely to the brilliant and creative minds over at Pixar Animated Studios. However, I took a stab at creating an animated video through the use of a software. You see LinkedIn finally opened the gates, they allowed people like little ol' me upload and post a video.


So there I am, in my makeshift office (moved my dining table to the corner and called it a day), writing my script and memorizing it. I'm determined to make a video resume. The next morning I spent several hours talking to my phone and realizing through several cuts that I did, in fact, look like a ventriloquist. Also, the eyebrow action would make The Rock jealous. I then decided to freestyle it and went with a one-minute clip but then the next day I knew I could do better.


Overcoming Your Fear of the Unknown

I had no prior knowledge of video creation so I ventured to acquire some background. I researched a variety of video maker software and landed on one I liked. When I opened it, I was overwhelmed. Button here, button there, buttons everywhere. But I was determined to get creative. The first couple of hours I was completely and utterly lost. It was very frustrating. But as I took my time to warm up to what everything did, I started to lay out a draft.


Step 1: Choose a template. Soooo many templates. I must have watched 15-20 clips before I chose The One.

Step 2: Customize the video with a variety of options in the media library. I do mean a variety, it was endless options after endless options. I had to figure out what fit best with the brand, the color scheme, and the messaging.

Step 3: Add a musical track. I had to make sure that the song was appropriate for the video. Let me tell you, I heard that song so often that I no longer turn on the audio in the finished product.

Step 4: Review, review, and yeah review. I went through various stages of deleting, adding, editing, and replaying the entire video. I stepped away a couple of times to let my brain relax.

The entire process was much like my job search.


How Creating My First Video Was Like My Job Search

  1. Research and make sure that your choice fits your goals
  2. Take time to warm up and absorb all the new changes
  3. Take a break
  4. Take time to digest the issues and goals
  5. Find your happy place as there will be times you need a cup of matcha or more

Most of all, I learned to take a chance on something new. I might have been lost when I first started but I am very glad I went on this new adventure. The video took me over 15 hours of work and an extra hour to transport it onto a post but it was well worth it. The results? See for yourself (original post is here).

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