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A Year Full of Rough Falls and Smooth Wisdom: 2018 in Review

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My mom landed in the hospital, I was unemployed, rejected from multiple jobs, no job offers, and unemployed on Christmas - let's just say 2018 was a rough year for me. It was probably one of the most challenging I've ever faced, personally and professionally.

There were times where I just wanted to quit. I wanted to crawl up into a ball and throw in the towel. I was sad, stressed, and I felt like I wasn't making any progress. There were many time where my boyfriend saw me cry out of frustration. He read the rejection emails and saw my reaction to telling my family I didn't have a job anymore. He was at the dinners and holiday get-togethers where I tried to stay away from the awkward employment questions.

There's a section in Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg which says that the most important career decision a woman makes is choosing her life partner wisely. He or she should be a very strong supporter of your journey towards your ultimate goals. My boyfriend has been my biggest supporter through it all. He believes in me and has voiced how extremely proud he is of my efforts. He's a big positive in my 2017 journey.

The Positives of 2017

While 2017 has had its rough patches, I am also grateful for the positives in my life.

  • Mom got better and is in a better living situation 
  • Family and friends are supportive and healthy
  • Read more than I have since I was a kid or in college
  • Learned how to make videos and even created a video resume
  • Started a series I've always dreamed of
  • Created my own website (you're looking at it)
  • I started to write content on a daily basis (on LinkedIn and my blog
  • I worked on my personal brand and developed a strategy
  • I connected with multiple professionals and got to know them better
  • Attended networking events
  • Volunteered at PRSA and joined MANA de San Diego
  • Hit personal records in powerlifting

The positives overweight the negatives and I am extremely fortunate to have the support of my friends and family through this entire ordeal.

I've stepped out of my comfort zone many time this year and have become wiser and stronger. I am extremely proud of my progress and know 2018 has countless opportunities for me.

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