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10 Lessons All Women Should Consider When Seeking a Leadership Role, According to Sheryl Sandberg

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I have to be honest, I never knew who Sheryl Sandberg was until I read her book. I remember reading an article where Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead was included in one of those Top 10 Books to Read. As I do, I wrote it down on my To Read 2017 List on my phone. It sat there waiting and wishing, hoping to be read one day. Then I went to the library to pick up another book (yes, I have a library card and actively use it) and scrolled through my list to see if any of them were there. There it was.

I spent a week making my way through the chapters and every single one of them had something valuable to teach me. I wrote on over 50 sticky notes and stuck them right next to points I found insightful. Here is a short list of those I found the most inspirational and insightful about leadership.

10 Leadership Lessons From Sheryl Sandberg's Book Lean In

  1. Conquer your fears. Don't let fear prevent you from achieving your goals.
  2. Take the initiative. Leaders take the initiative, they don't wait around to be told what to do. Take a risk and make those choices.
  3. The myth of the perfect fit. There is no such thing as the perfect fit when looking for your big opportunity. You have to learn to mold the opportunity for you.
  4. Give credit where it's due. Acknowledge those that have helped you along your path to success, no one achieved anything by themselves.
  5. You can't please everybody. Don't venture into your career trying to please everyone. It is unattainable and you'll regress. Of course, everyone wants to be liked but the truth is you will not be liked by everyone. Accept it and move on.
  6. Be flexible and focused. In order to find your desired position, you need to be flexible and focused. Create a long and short term plan to achieve your goal.
  7. Seek feedback. While some feedback stings, it allows us to know what impression we make on others. Knowing this will teach you a lot more down the line.
  8. Choose your partner wisely. The most important career decision a woman makes is choosing her life partner wisely. He or she should be a very strong supporter of your journey towards your ultimate goals.
  9. Know your limits. If you want a successful professional and personal life, you have to know your limits and focus your attention wisely.
  10. Be authentic. Be honest and avoid unnecessary sacrifices.

The main takeaway I took from the book is to be yourself, stay focused, and set your limits.

"Dream big, forge a path through the obstacle, and achieve [your] potential." -Sheryl Sandberg

Don't fear the next level of your career. Embrace the challenge and take the steps forward in your industry.

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